“It’s Time to Create the Life and Business You’ve Always Dreamed of By Embracing Your Genius!”

Your Genius Factor: Purpose-Driven Product Creation Strategies

Imagine having a business where you absolutely LOVE what you do…where time just flies by and instead of feeling burned out and frustrated, you feel refreshed. In this “dream” business, you are creating products and services that make a difference in people’s lives AND what’s better is that you are compensated for your time and wisdom beyond what you ever imagined.

Isn’t THIS exactly what you want for your own life?

Chances are likely that if you KNEW how to create your dream business based on YOUR Genius Factor, you WOULD HAVE already! Right? It’s TIME to step into Your Genius Factor!

The GREAT News Is That We Can Help You Embrace That…Beginning TODAY!

In “Your Genius Factor,” you will discover:

Session 1: Uncover Your Genius Factor – In this session, we will walk you through the process of discovering your Genius Factor and establish a solid foundation.

  • Course Overview.
  • Rules to Succeed By.
  • 5 Clues to Knowing Your Genius.
  • Workshop Discovery Time: Steps to Discover Your Genius TODAY!

Session 2: Prime the Pump Action Steps – In this session, we will share the processes you’ll implement to fully engage your Genius Factor and set the stage for your product creation.

  • 3 Reasons Why You Don’t Want to Keep Your Genius Undeveloped.
  • Who You Should Be Working with – And Who You Should Be Avoiding To Develop Your Genius Factor.
  • 5 Ways to Prime Your “Genius” Pump.
  • How the Process of “Continuous Improvement” Works.

Session 3: Creating Your Products – This session will take you through the steps necessary to not only create one product, but how to leverage your Genius Factor to establish you as the expert and go to person.

  • Determine Your Message.
  • Organize Your Message.
  • Deliver You Message to The World.
  • Your Service to Humanity From the Rewards of Your Genius.

BONUSES – We want to support your Genius Factor journey!

  • Dedicated Facebook Group: This is where you will be able to ask questions, interact with other “Geniuses,” share insights and victories and MORE…all in a SAFE environment!.
  • Replays and Support Materials: In case you are unable to join us LIVE, you will have ongoing access to ALL replays as they are made available. You will also be able to access course support materials!


Meet Your Instructors!

Tony LaidigTony Laidig is an author, speaker and expert-level trainer who equips business professionals and everyday people with the skills necessary to successfully create books, videos and other information products. With 20 years experience as a graphic designer and nearly 600 book covers to his credit, Tony’s commitment to the creative process shines out to help others connect with the creativity they have within.

Felicia SlatteryA teacher and trainer for more than a decade at businesses, colleges, and universities all over Chicagoland, Felicia J. Slattery, is a published author, popular professional speaker, and communication consultant and coach to entrepreneurs around the world. She teaches teleseminars, is a keynote speaker, and offers private coaching, as well as various written and home-study programs to service-oriented entrepreneurs on improving their communication skills in order to present their best image and see increased cash flow to succeed at work and enjoy happy and fulfilled personal lives.

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